NVT: If your head is a stovetop, does that fill your belly with fire to keep the steam blowing off? Or does it fill you with hot air? So easy to be overblown. Or blown over, maybe. But when we do take up space, we run the risk of being called too strident, too grotesque. … Continue reading puppet


NVT: Your favorite dog had a slump for a walk, or maybe a trundle, but it makes me wonder what we see in goofiness that’s so euphoric. We stay with these relatives all up the East Coast who have lives which could be called utopian and we don’t see our utopias. Which is wild privilege, … Continue reading UTOPIAN SLUMPS


NVT: Is there something about packaged foods that gives us comfort over their free-growing counterparts? Of course -- it’s someone taking care of us, telling us what is safe, telling us what is good for consumption. We don’t want someone telling us what to eat, heaven forbid, but give us a grocery store full of … Continue reading pudding


NVT: Driving through Abiquiu in the early morning, still deep frozen from a fitful night of camping, whipping winds deep in our bones, we passed the public library, the boarded-up “Piñon,” up the dusted gravel road into a neighborhood. A cow in the backyard, an electric wheelchair parked in the tall grass behind the fence. … Continue reading TWELVE PRIESTS


NVT: The pattern light makes on a wall through laced curtains -- You said the dappled light made it hard to see the potholes in the road, and it’s true. That golden light laces everything we see with magic, wonder, the safety of our little ship sailing past town on town of low-slung buildings, some … Continue reading LACED