Shrets is the lovechild of Nora Tjossem, a science-minded connector originally from Grinnell Iowa, and L. Hunter Petree, a mystical-minded obsessive from San Diego, California. We met and began our long term collaboration at Stanford University in 2011. We are committed to the holistic, interconnected nature of all projects and our lives, believing every experience is research. We like to build things, whether they be physical or digital, seeing structures as the skeletons we build muscle onto. Our work is open-source, and we strive to subvert the idea that artistic process and ideas are precious.

We believe in Shrek.

We see Shrek as the god of the early millennium, a defining force in a generation. For us, Shrek represents the birth of meme culture, the origin of the species that is the millennial, and the ways the internet has affected us in playful, disturbing, and profound ways. Shrek is highly referential – we, like the internet, like meme culture, reference the reference. But Shrek also embodies our present past, the misanthropic masculine figure who ultimately reinforces and reconstructs the stale social order of a kingdom. The canon of Shrek is not just a holy myth to draw inspiration from, but also the difficult reality we seek to grapple with.  We, all of us, are at turns Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Farquaad, Monsieur Hood, Fairy Godmother, Gingey, Dragon, Puss in Boots, and so on and so forth. We will not gloss over the offending aspects of the myth, neither will we give up our devotion to it. Shrek is our point of reference, our holy text, our touchstone.